The Bears are Back!

The Bears are Back!

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I know that this is old news by now but I thought that I should make a quick mention because I did a couple of posts about this a while back.

For those of you that didn’t know, community and family members were able to raise enough funds to get Cal Men’s Gymnastics reinstated!  Now all five teams (I think it was five) that initially got cut from UC Berkeley’s athletic program are set to return, and men’s gymnastics will be back for their 100th season!  Huge thanks to the people that donated, spread the word, or simply prayed for their return.  This is great news for everybody in the gymnastic community.  I feel especially happy for the youngsters that’ll have Cal as one of their options for college.

Cal Men's Gym Team

I understand that their fight is not over yet.  The current amount raised will only get them through the next eight years or so and they’ll need more funding if they wish to keep it running.  For those interested in helping out, check out Cal Gymnastics Forever.

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