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Up, Up, and Away

Thank you all for checking out my website. Today is the first day that it’s up under (it was under for the last week or so). Since it is still new, there may be some stuff that I need to tweak but I feel that for the most part the website should be good to go.

I’ll be updating my blogs periodically so please check back regularly. I’m also hoping to add new pages to keep you guys on your toes.

Anyway, I’m still in the midst of finishing up my final exams. I’m hoping to knock out all my papers by this weekend though so I can get back and focus on training. In terms of the next big gymnastics event, I leave for another national team camp in about three weeks. This will serve as preparation for the Japan Cup in July, so I’ll need to be in top shape for this.

Alright, time to hit the books again…I’m hoping that the caffeine in my Coke will help me stay alert as I still have quite a ways to go with my school work!

The Man, The Legend

NBA finals start tomorrow!  It’ll be an intense competition between the Lakers and the Magic in their quest to win the championship.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to watch the hyped up battle between the Black Mamba and King James (hopefully next year!).  I know that the media likes to compare Kobe’s skills against Lebron’s, and vice versa but I’ve gotta say that I really look up to Lebron even though his team was knocked out in the semis.

I thought that Lebron’s buzzer beater in game 2 of the semis was absolutely awesome.  The reason I look up to the guy is because I’ve heard from various people about the way he trains leading up to games.  One of my current coaches that went to Beijing for the Olympics told me about Lebron’s training sessions.  He said that it was clear that Lebron did more sets and more repetition than the rest of the guys on the Dream Team.  He just continued to work relentlessly in the corner of the gym.  When I heard about this, I was really inspired.  It told me that regardless of how good you are at what you do, more work could be done and that there is always a level above.  It also told me that it takes more than pure talent to become legendary.

I’m sure that most of you have seen the Kobe and Lebron puppet commercials but I think they are hilarious:

YouTube Preview Image

Last Day of Class!

Wow, I can’t believe that I will never again attend class as an undergrad.  I’m not sure whether to feel happy or sad as I’m in a very delirious mode right now.  I guess you can say that my mind has been cluttered recently with all the papers I have to finish writing.  While today is the last day for lectures, I still have a few more finals to knock out before I’m completely done.

School has always taken precedence over gym.  It’s been like this ever since I started going to school. However, after I finish writing my last paper, I won’t have to worry about this for a while (at least until I decide to go to grad school).  I’m definitely looking forward to being able to focus more on gymnastics.  Plus, when summer rolls around I’ll have a little more leisure time, and you know what that means…I’ll actually be able to get some sleep!

my super cluttered desk

my super cluttered desk

Can’t wait to get rid of these books.  Just a little more to go!

Back in Cali!

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Well I’m back in California and that only means one thing…it’s back to the daily grind.  I still have a little more to go with school so for the next week or so I’ll be pretty busy with getting ready for finals.  If I can get through the weekend I should pretty much be golden.

As for gym, It’s back to doing routines again.  I’m trying to add in a couple of new skills for the competition in Japan so there’s a lot to do in the gym as well.  I’m hoping to add in a new pass on floor and possibly a new dismount on rings…should be exciting!

Anyway, with school and gym done for the day, it’s time to hit the books.  I can’t wait to be done with finals.  I just have to finish the school year strong and then I’ll finally get to rest my mind for a bit.  It’s been really busy for a while but summer is right around the corner!

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