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Doc Appointment

16 Oct Sho 1 Comment »

Just met with the doctor today for a follow-up for my knee.

When I first went into the clinic, he had me get some x-rays so that he could examine the conditions of the inside.  And good news, everything looked perfect.  In fact, he thought I was moving along pretty well and even a little bit ahead of schedule.

In a week, I’ll be able to start some jogging, but in the meantime, we’ll be ramping up the exercises that we do in the PT room.  These will include jumping drills to things that involve more bending of the knee.  However, the most exciting news was that in about 5 weeks (the 4 month mark), I should be able to start doing some apparatus work including pommel horse, parallel bars, rings, and high bar (no leg events yet).

I’m leaving the States in a few more days but I know that I’ll be hooked up with a great therapist out in Japan.  Cannot wait for my experience abroad.  It’ll be good times.

Productive Weekend

I had a pretty hectic weekend but I’m glad to say that I got a lot of stuff that needed to get done before leaving for Japan.

One of the highlights of the weekend was definitely doing a gymnastics clinic at a local club.

It was great that they invited me over to do some presentations and I had a blast interacting with the kids and helping them work on their basics and specific skills.  Thanks to all the coaches and families at CSC for making this happen.

Gymnastics Clinic!

Gymnastics Clinic!

Anyway there are a lot more stuff that  I need to knock out between now and next week but as with anything, I need to take it one step at a time.  I will also meet with the doctor this week for a final check-up before leaving for Japan.  We’re closing in at the 3-month mark so I’m hoping that he’ll clear me to start doing some gymnastics.

Dr. Amy

The other day I ran into Amy Chow (a former gold and silver medalist at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta) while I was doing my rehab in the physical therapy room at Stanford.  For those of you that don’t know, she was a part of the famous Magnificent 7 (member of the US team that won the team Olympic gold for the first time).  Anyway, she’s on her way to becoming a doctor (pediatrician) after completing her undergrad and med school at Stanford.  Currently she’s getting some experience and doing her medical round in the PT room.

I’ve known Amy for a long time through my years of training at Stanford (since I was 10?), but since I’ve only seen her around the gym, it was fun to see her in a place outside of the gym.

Can’t wait until she becomes Dr. Amy.  She’ll become a good one for sure.

YouTube Preview Image

Runnin' Around

The last few days have been pretty hectic.  PT and training as usual, coaching (as well as doing private lessons), tutoring, and basically just getting myself all ready to leave.

All the paperwork is pretty much all done.  All that’s really left for me to do is physically get the stuff together that I’m going to be taking with me to Japan.  I have about a little over a week left.  Let’s hope I don’t procrastinate and put everything off until the last minute!

Anyway, I was looking at the weather in Japan and it looks like it was hit by a typhoon the other day.  I’ll be riding my bike a lot so doing so in the rain and gust will make it a bit dangerous.  Hopefully it’s gone by now but apparently the weather in Japan is rather inconsistent during this time of the year as it changes from summer weather to autumn weather.  Let’s hope it’s already autumn weather by the time I get there.

Couple Things…

05 Oct Sho 1 Comment »

that I need/want to do before I leave for Japan:

  • Get some winter clothes together (I don’t wanna freeze over there)
  • Pack
  • Clean my messy room (might be rather difficult)
  • Hold a gymnastics clinic at a local club (happening this coming weekend…very excited!)
  • Do another video blog for the site (hopefully, if I have time!)
  • Kick butt in rehab and strengthen my knee more
  • Meet up with a buddy from school to work on a little project (might tell you guys about it when it’s complete so keep checking in)
  • Set up a slingbox system so that I could watch sporting events while I’m out in Japan

I’m probably forgetting a couple items but the above list should keep me pretty occupied.

New Experiences!

It’s official!  I’m leaving for Japan in two weeks and I’ll be there for three months.  I’m going there because I need to complete my final requirement as an International Relations major at Stanford, which is to study abroad.  After I finish the three months, I’ll be officially done with Stanford!  Can’t believe how long it’s taken me to complete my majors (my other one is Japanese Studies) but my commitments to both, the Stanford team and the US National Team has made it really difficult to finish in the normal time frame.

Anyway, during my stay in Japan, I’ll study and train at Juntendo University in Chiba Prefecture (right outside of Tokyo).  It’ll be a good opportunity because I’ll get to train with some of the best in Japan.  In fact, three of the six members from the ’08 Olympic team are currently there, including former world and Olympic champions, Hiroyuki Tomita and Takehiro Kashima.  I also cannot wait to see my old coach, Mutsumi.  With my leg getting better, I should be able to start some gymnastics-related training while I’m there.

Not only will this experience be good for my gymnastics, but being in Japan will help me get more in tune with my own culture!

I’ll definitely be writing from Japan so be sure to check back frequently!

Hiroyuki Tomita

Hiroyuki Tomita

Takehiro Kashima

Takehiro Kashima

The Olympics Goes To…

Rio de Janeiro.  Definitely a bit bummed about the situation.  Being a Japanese-American, I was really hoping that the Olympics would either go to Tokyo or Chicago.  I think Rio should do a great job though as the host since they’ve already held the Pan American Games there a couple of years ago.  Plus it’ll be cool the see the Olympics in a South American country for the first time in the Games’ history.

2016 Olympic Host: Rio

2016 Olympic Host: Rio

Still…having the Olympics in Chicago or Tokyo would’ve been so cool.

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