Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears

11 Feb shonakamori No Comments »

I’m bummed to hear that Cal Men’s Gymnastics has officially been cut and that this will be their final season.  For the last couple of months people have been pulling together with the hopes of having the five sports that were initially cut to be reinstated.  Today, the final decision was made. The university decided to bring back three of the five sports. Baseball and Men’s Gymnastics were left in the dust.

Honestly, it’s a terrible day for men’s gymnastics in this country.  Not only will the current gymnasts need to decide what to do if they want to continue with the sport, but the up and comers will have one less option when deciding which college to attend if they plan on pursuing gymnastics through college. It’s also sad to know that UC Berkeley is one of the best universities in this country.

Lastly, I thought the whole reinstatement thing was an all or nothing deal.  If they were going to reinstate, they were going to bring all teams back.  Total bummer…

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