Balancing Out

03 May shonakamori No Comments »

Finally got the opportunity to head back home during the weekend (I currently live only an hour away from my hometown).  It was the first time in a really long time so it felt super refreshing!

The very best thing was being able to get my mind off of my normal routine.  I feel that having these small get-aways, or the chance to think of something  aside from training is incredibly important.  Some athletes read, go outdoors, or take part in other sports.  In fact, the US national team has started to incorporate yoga into the national team camps.  It’s not only a good way to become more flexible (physically) but it’s an equally great way to take your mind off of things and to be able to relax.

In general, having a good balance in is vital.  Now that I’m refreshed it’s back to training again.  I’m hoping it’ll be a week of good training!

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