Bummed Bum

I definitely was not at my sharpest today.  In fact, I struggled with pretty much all the events.  I started with a very short landing on floor and ended the day with slamming my butt on the parallel bars doing an under bar skill (hence the title of today’s post).  I think my butt might be bruised but luckily it’s nothing serious.

Workout was a struggle but I’m definitely glad to be done and at home now.  Today was basically one of those days that I just had to get through.  After all, we all know that it’s important to overcome tough workouts in order to come out stronger.  Plus you know what they say, “nothing worthwhile comes easily.”  It’s the work, and the hard work that gets you there in the end.

Now that I’m done for the day, I think I might take a hot shower and just chill out for the rest of the night.  I have one more workout tomorrow, but after that I’m free for the weekend.  I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing and resting my body.  With my free time I’m thinking that I’ll either go watch the Hangover or Up. Anyone see those movies lately?  Leave a comment!

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