So unfortunately, I think I got a little sick yesterday.  With school, gym, and work being so busy, I’m sure my immune system was a little down.  To tell the truth, I can’t tell if I’m really sick because the stuffy nose can be due to allergies and the soreness of my body can be attributed to how hard workouts have been the last few days.  Either way, I used today to sleep most of it off and am feeling much better.

On a good note, I went out with a few friends to go watch Star Trek!  I’ve gotta say, even though I was never a Star Trek fan, the movie was action-packed and super entertaining.  With today being an off-day from gym, it was also nice to just sit around and be lazy.

I should also mention that we (Stanford Gymnastics team) had our annual end of the year picnic yesterday.  We do this each year to celebrate the success and the end of the collegiate season.  It was definitely a fun time.   The coaches also hands out the superlative awards during the picnic.  I ended up with the “MVP” and the “Stanford Award”, Nick got the “Most Improved,” and Greg got the “Most Inspirational”. The other two categories were “Most Innovative” and “Hardest Worker”, and they went to Alex and Abhi.  Congrats to all!

While only some of us got the award, I need to say that the success we had at this year’s NCAA was due to everyone’s hard work.  With my NCAA eligibility used up, it’ll be exciting to be on the spectator side and see how the guys do at next year’s championship.  With summer training coming up, it’s time to step up and get strong.  Let’s get it Stanford!

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