Business Trips

Business Trips

09 Jul Sho 1 Comment »

A bunch of the guys on my team (including myself) are going to be pretty busy for the next week or so.  Many of us are traveling to various competitions, both domestic and international.  The younger guys on the team will be going to Colorado to compete at the US National Qualifying Competition.  The National Qualifier determines the final gymnasts that gets to compete at the Visa National Championships which will take place in August in Dallas.  Luckily, David Sender and I, do not have to compete at the meet as we are already pre-qualified from being on the US National Team.

Instead, both Dave and I’ll be competing internationally between now and the end of next week.  Dave is currently at the Maccabi Games in Israel and will be representing team USA.  This will be his first time competing at the Games so I’m excited for him.  As for me, I’ll also be representing the US team but at a different meet.  As I’ve written in my earlier posts, I’ll be leaving for Japan on Tuesday to compete at the Japan Cup.



While I’m excited to go to Japan because most of my family lives there, I’ve gotta keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is still a business trip and we have some work to take care of.  Nevertheless, it’ll be a fun time and I’m ready to enjoy every little thing about the trip!

Good luck to all my teammates competing.  Let’s get it done!

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  1. StickItMedia July 11, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Good luck to all you guys!

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