Camp Underway

Camp Underway

23 Apr shonakamori 2 Comments »

Every time I come out to the OTC, it feels like coming home.  I guess I’ve only lived here for two years and spent my senior year at a local high school :)

The Olympic Rings!

Although I’m not fond of the cold weather, it’s always great coming out here because not only do I get to see some familiar faces, but I get to train with the guys on the national team.  It’s always quality training because it’s motivating to see how much everyone has improved and we feed off of the energy that’s in the gym. The last time I was out here was last year, which was right before Japan Cup.  There’s one more day of training and we’re all excited about finishing this strong!  Check out some random photos I took below:

The Athlete Center: This is where we check in whenever we come for camps. Most of the resident athletes live there and there's also a huge cafeteria inside.

The Cafeteria: The greatest thing is having food waiting for you right after training!

Yup, the OTC is right by the Rockies. If you look closely enough, there's vertical line on of the mountains. That's actually an old cog trail that broke down a while ago which people now use to climb for training. AKA The Incline, it's one mile of sheer uphill up the old railroad. We used to do it for x-training when I lived here.

Sherry, The OTC Mom. Awesome lady! Unfortunately, I don't know her official title, but I know she does a lot to make sure this place is running smoothly. We all know her as the "Mom" of the OTC though. If you need something or someone to talk to, you go to Sherry!

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2 Comments on “ Camp Underway ”

  1. Tomoko April 28, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    I’m glad you’re doing well.

    I’d like to ask you some question…
    I heard that some gymnasts LIVE and train in USOTC.
    Tim McNeil, Joseph Hagerty, and more.
    What kind of gymnasts live and train there?
    Are there any examinations or screenings?
    I’ve been wondering for years…

    Anyway, it looks a great place!

  2. shonakamori April 28, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    hi tomoko,
    thanks for your message!
    the otc is definitely a great place to train. there are many resources for the athletes so that they are able to train and compete in peak condition.
    there is a screening process for the athletes to train and live there. you do not necessarily have to be on the national team be part of the usotc but they definitely consider u.s. team members first.
    the rest of the national team members go there once every two months for a training camp.

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