Catchin’ Up!

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Wow, I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without writing an entry!  I won’t lie, it’s been pretty hectic out here.  Last week seemed super short because I headed up to Oroville on Friday to judge the State Championships.  As the head pommel horse judge for Northern California, I also took part in a clinic for the all-star team members who are getting ready for regionals.  I’ll be going there also in a couple of weeks.

Aside from that, I’ve been focusing a lot on my rehab as I’ll be meeting up with the doc for a follow-up.  It’s been 8 months post-op and I’m anxious to get full clearance.

The comeback process in the gym seems to be coming along.  There’s still some variation in good days and not-so-good days but that always seems to be the case when I’m returning to competitive shape.  The important thing is to keep my head down and plug away.  I need to remember to listen to my body though because I do have the tendency to push myself too hard.

Lots to do but I’m glad that I have the next couple of weekends off from judging.  It’s been non-stop since I came back from Japan at the end of January.  It’s time to catch up on things that I’ve been pushing aside!

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