Champions Camp

Champions Camp

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It was a hectic week both in and out of the gym, but somehow I managed to get all of my assignments done!  Not only was it a hard training week but I had my normal work to get done for my part-time jobs, and on top of all of that, our gym held a boy’s camp (that was the fun part!).

It was exciting to see a bunch of the local kids get together and train under the same roof.  While summer is generally the busiest time for elite gymnasts because of all of the big competitions that are held during this time of the year, kids in the US use this time to train new skills and develop strength for the competitive season that starts in January.  Everyone worked super hard and it was fun to see the improvements that happened all across the gym.  I know from experience that getting advice from a different coach can make a big difference even though they might be saying the same exact thing that you hear everyday from your personal coach.  Hearing the same thing over and over from the same coach can have a numbing effect, which is one of the reasons why these camps can be so effective.

Champions Camp!

I’m totally excited to see these kids again when their competitive season starts up again in January.

Well, my work week is over…well almost.  Tomorrow, I’m heading up north to a gym that’s about two hours to run a clinic.  I wouldn’t offically call this  work though because I enjoy working with new gymnasts.  I’ve never been up to their gym but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone up there!

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