Crazy Times

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The last couple of weeks have been slightly crazy.  On the gymnastics side, I’ve been continuing to raise the intensity and pushing to get stronger.  With some big competitions coming up, now is the time to push myself to get to that next level. However, it’s important that I do so in a smart manner. Despite telling myself that, I had a minor accident the other day when I slipped off of the horse and jammed my knuckle into the equipment.  I kept telling myself to be extra careful as I was feeling fatigued, but unfortunately it happened.  Sometimes these things are unavoidable, especially as athletes, we are always pushing ourselves to the limit.  Luckily I walked away with a bruised/jammed knuckle and nothing more.  I’ll most likely play it easy for the next couple of days but I’m glad that it wasn’t anything more serious.

On the work end, I’ve started a new position!  I’m still working for the same company but now I have a different title, which means I also have s0me different responsibilities.  Definitely glad that I’m able to switch things up a bit!  Although managing time between training and work can be slightly difficult at times, it’s really nothing I can’t handle.  When I look back to my college days, things were much tougher, especially when I was taking an upward of 16+ units a quarter.

Despite the busy-ness, I feel that having work outside of gymnastics is a good thing.  I believe that a good balance with anything is important, and this is no different!

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