D-Score, E-Score

Haven’t been able to slow down since I got back to the States.  I’ve been running around ever since but I’m starting to slowly settled down!  It’s too bad my jet lag hasn’t gotten much better.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t had much time to rest.

Either way, gym has been going well.  I’m starting to get back into the rhythm of things and it’s been great working with my own coach again.  It’s an exciting time especially since my leg is getting much stronger.  Updates on my training will come soon.

Yesterday, I went and judged my first junior competition for this season.  It’s always a fun time seeing all the boys compete.  I’m very excited for next weekend though because it’s the Stanford Open weekend.  It’s one of the biggest meets on the west coast with over 600 kids coming to compete.  Also, as many of you may already know, there’s a collegiate competition as well, and I’m scheduled to judge it.  It’ll be my first time judging a college meet so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Well, it’s finally Sunday but I have ton of stuff on my plate.  I’ll have to take care of things one by one, but the good thing is that my body will get a rest!

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