Fall Weather is in the Air

03 Oct shonakamori No Comments »

For the first time in a long while, it rained here in the bay!  Not only did my car get a good car wash but I was also happy to no longer feel the summer heat.  When it’s a little bit cooler it’s definitely a lot easier to train.  Spring/fall time is without question, the best time to train.  Summer can get a little bit intense with the heat, and winter can get a bit rough when it’s cold and your joints start to hurt.

Anyway, training has been coming along.  I leave two weeks from tomorrow for the Pan American Games.  Sadly I’m not with the US team that’s in Japan right now for the World Championships, but I’m definitely busting my tail to help the Pan American Team bring back the gold!  Hopefully the weather in Guadalajara won’t be too different from what it is here when we go in about two weeks.  Should be fun times!

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