Far West Rice!

Far West Rice!

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Far West Rice is the official rice supplier for Sho Nakamori!

My official rice supplier - Far West Rice!

As an Asian that grew up with rice in pretty much every meal of the day, rice is a necessity in my life.  For some reason (I don’t know the science behind this) I seem to get the most energy out of rice compared to other carbohydrates.  It’s definitely my source of life.

Fortunately over the last few years, I’ve become good friends with Steve Ross, who works for a rice production company called Far West Rice.  Steve is also the boy’s head coach at Oroville Gymnastics, which is how I got to know him.  Anyway, all of us in the NorCal gymnastics community has become a huge fan of his rice.

Big thanks to Steve and FWR for keeping my rice bowl full!  For info on their products and their special green technology they use to mill their rice check out their site here.

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