Finally Got That Piece 'O Paper

Finally Got That Piece ‘O Paper

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After a ton of miscommunication, meetings with administrators, and 5 1/2 years worth of classes, I finally got my diploma today!   It was a long time running, and there were definitely some frustrating points, but I’m finally finished and I’m thankful for all the friends and family that supported me over these years.   The reason it took so long was not because I was failing classes…instead it was because there were a ton of classes that I couldn’t take during the normal scheduled time due to my training and all the traveling I was doing to compete for Stanford as well as the US National Team.  On top of that, I was finishing up two degrees.


Although I was officially done with my studies during the winter, I never got that sense of being completely finished because I had to wait on getting the diploma until l now (I believe they only print it during the fall and the summer, and I had missed the fall deadline).  Today, I walked into the registrar’s office to pick it up.  No waiting because I was first in line!  Didn’t go through all the graduation ceremonies because I took part in it in ’08 when I was officially supposed to graduate.

Below are some random pictures I took of the Stanford campus.  Lots of good memories!

Throwin' up the peace sign

Memorial Church

The clock tower and Hoover tower in the background

Some grad ceremonies!

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