Finding that Balance!

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Huge apologies for the lack of updates recently!  Although I’ve been telling myself that I’ll get on and write a new post, with all that’s been going on recently, it’s been getting placed on the back-burner.

With USA Championships coming up in about a month or so, my training has gotten quite a bit more intense.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been focusing on putting together the routines that I’ll be performing at the national championships.  There are of course some challenges with putting together new routines with added difficulties, but I’ve been making sure to take things one step at a time and trusting that my training will get me to the next level.

I will however admit that it’s been tough training in the summer heat lately.   Although it rarely gets that hot in Northern California, there are a few days out of the year when you feel like you could just melt.  The tough part is that most gyms in this area do not have A/Cs.  Luckily it’s been cooling down a bit and I’m hoping that this trend continues.  One of these days I’ll appreciate the summer heat when I’m no longer training long hours in a closed gym!

Lately I’ve been busy outside of the gym as well.  My work load at the start-up firm I work at has increased a good amount but it’s been interesting to learn about what it takes to grow a company.  All in all, I’ve found that the combination of work and training has provided me with a good balance in life!

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