Fun Day Sunday

It was nice to finally get a day off from gym! I spent most of the day trying not to do anything phsycial, thinking that I needed all the recovery I can get.  However, I did get a haircut which was nice considering it’s getting a bit hotter here.  Plus I hate it when my hair gets in the way of my practice.

Aside from that, I went to my old teammates’ place and we just hung out.  It was good to be able to catch up and chill out in the sun.  It’s crazy thinking that most of my friends that I graduated with are done with gymnastics.  However, they’re working a lot and just doing the world good, which is a great thing.

After hanging out, I went out and watched a Japanese movie called “Departures” at a local theater.  I thought it was a really good film.  Unfortunately it’s only playing in select theaters because it’s a foreign film.  Either way, the movie is nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” for this year’s Academy Awards and has won a bunch of other awards in Japan.

Well that was basically my Sunday.  It was a relaxing day and I’m all rested up so I should be ready to go strong again with my practices starting tomorrow.  Next week should be exciting because we leave for our national team camp on Wednesday.  It’ll also be good to see all the guys again.

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