Gettin' Ready

Today I went through a practice meet to basically simulate what the competition will be like in Japan next weekend.  As with any practice meet, I was given some time to stretch and then I had about an hour to go to all the events and warm-up for my routines.  I was also given a one-touch warm-up prior to each event.

Generally, one of the biggest challenge at a meet is getting the p-bars ready in the given time (we only have 30 seconds after the judges puts up the score of the gymnast before, which usually comes out to anywhere between 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes before you have to jump up on the pbars).  Sometimes the whole prep process gets a little chaotic given the little time but the whole goal is to be quick and efficient like a pit crew in a car race.  Fortunately everything went pretty smoothly today and I was able to hit a good pbar set.

The other five events went pretty smoothly as well.  There are definitely some minor details that I need to work on but these are things that I can fix in the next couple of days before I leave for Japan.

Anyway, the preparation process is going well and I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting competition next week.  It’ll be awesome to go head-to-head against the best in the world.  Go USA!!!

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