Go Go Godzilla!!!

Go Go Godzilla!!!

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With the weather last week oddly hot, I thought that we had passed over spring and went straight to summer.  Despite feeling drained from the quick change in weather, I had some great workouts in the gym.  Luckily the weather cooled a bit over the weekend, and to cap off the week, I went to an A’s game during their opening weekend with my friend, Aki, and my mom.

With Ichiro from the Mariners playing Matsui from Oakland, the coliseum was packed with Japanese people, not to mention that it was also Japanese heritage day.  To be honest it was a weird feeling.  With so many Japanese people there that day, I literally thought that I was back in Japan!  Having a Japanese heritage day during this time was definitely very fitting though with the recent tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan.  It was a great opportunity for the Japanese community to rally together and raise some funds for the victims that are suffering out there.

As for the game, it was great because we were able to witness the first hit for Matsui wearing an A’s jersey and also his 2,500th of his professional career.  With Matsui now on the A’s, and Ichiro on the Mariners, I had a difficult time rooting for one team over the other.  In the end, the A’s ended up winning, which I thought was a good thing given that they lost their two previous games against the Mariners.  I’m also glad they won because there was a lot of attention on Matsui that day since they were giving out free “Matsui T-Shirts.”

On the jumbotron after being interviewed!

Oakland Coliseum packed with Japanese people!

Matsui on First Base!

Ichiro protecting RF!

I totally felt recharged after watching such an exciting game.  I’ll definitely need it though because this weekend will be a long one.  I’m judging the Region 1 Championships for the boys.  I’m definitely looking forward to this though.  There should be some good quality gymnastics and it should be a fun one!

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