Good Catchin' Up!

Yesterday was a somewhat exciting day for me.  For those of you that did not know, I’ve been helping the Japanese community at Stanford as an English tutor for the last 5 years. The reason why yesterday was exciting was because the first “student” (it’s hard for me to call them students because they’re usually older than me) that I’ve ever worked with came back to Stanford to visit, and we had an opportunity to catch up.  It seems as though not much has changed over the last 5 years but it was fun to chat for a bit.  My “first student” is working as a professor at a famous university (Tsukuba) in Japan.  As for me, I’m still doing the same thing, which is training.  The only big thing that’s changed since five years ago, is I’m no longer a student!

Looking back, I’ve worked with so many different people, and overall, it’s been an awesome experience.  Most of the people that come to Stanford to study are super established people in Japan.  I’ve worked with many professors, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, among a bunch of other people with respectable professions.  The only sad part is that they’re usually only here for a short period of time.  Most of them go back to Japan after a year or so to return to their work.  Hopefully they’re all doing well and have been able to catch up on my life through this website!

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