Jumpin' Higher

Finally hit the 5 month mark since getting my ACL repaired! Things have been progressing well, and for the first time in my career, I’ve been making sure to take my time and be patient with my recovery process.  In the past, I’ve always tested the water and started to do things a little earlier than planned.  Luckily I’ve never re-injured anything but I definitely wanted to stay on the safe side this time around.  According to the doctor, I should be back to doing full gymnastics in about a month!

I’ve been continuing to do things that are safe though, and every day, I’m doing more and more gymnastics-related movements.  As far as my physical therapy goes, I can finally do a single leg squat on the side that I got the surgery on.  I’ve been running a lot more and doing more advanced jumping exercises onto higher surface.  It’s been a long process but there’s still a little (lot?) more to go.  There’s a lot to be thankful for though.  I’m in a great environment, and I’ve been able to train with some of the best guys in Japan (and in the world).  Even being able to watch these guys has been a good learning experience during my recovery process.  I’ve never considered this injury to be completely negative.  In fact, it’s been incredibly valuable and I feel like I have gained (and continue to gain) so much out of it.

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