Light Day!

Today was a light practice day at the gym so I spent my time stretching and doing basic conditioning.  Same went for the guys training at the university.  Unlike the US, the competitive season for these guys are in the summer/fall, therefore a lot of the members in the gym are getting ready to compete at some big meets.  The freshmen are gearing up to compete at a “freshmen championships.”  This is something that we don’t have in the States but it’s a competition where a team of freshmen will go up against other freshmen teams from other universities.  On the other hand, the older guys are preparing for the Japanese National Championships, which will take place in late November.

The atmosphere in the gym has been pretty intense because of these upcoming meets but it was nice to have a light day today to heal up.

Anyway, I’m off to see a doc here in Japan about my knee.  Things are coming along and I’m anxious to see what he’s going to have me doing in terms of exercises!

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