Madness at A&F!

Madness at A&F!

After another week of training, I finally got the day off yesterday so I went to go visit my friend and former national teammate, at his job in Ginza, Tokyo.  He is currently working at the newly opened Abercrombie & Fitch, the first one to be opened in Asia.  I don’t know if there is a bigger, but it’s definitely the biggest one that I’ve seen.  The store was 11 stories!  That said, the line to get into the store was absolutely ridiculous!  The store clerk did a head count and apparently  there were 600 people waiting to get into the store.  Good thing I knew someone that worked there. I was let in through a secret entrance that went straight to the store.  Otherwise the wait would have taken forever, and plus it was freezing cold today.  I’m curious to know if this craze will last!

First A&F in Asia!

The line to get into the store extended several blocks!

After that, I went and saw another Cirque show, “Corteo,” which was playing in Harajuku, Tokyo.  This was actually the second time I saw the show because it came to San Francisco several years ago.  Anyway, after the show, I had a chance to visit a friend after who I used to compete with.  He used to be on the Brazilian national team but is now retired and is performing in Cirque shows around the world.  When he took me backstage, I was surprised to see several other familiar faces that I’ve met through the gymnastics community.  It’s always cool seeing people you know on the complete opposite side of the world! It’s times like these that I feel very appreciative for having been in this sport and for all the friendships I’ve made through being a gymnast.


Anyway, it’s back to training again.  I have a couple more days until we’re released for winter break so I’m trying to make the next few days of training as productive as possible!

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