Making Progress

Making Progress

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It’s been a pretty productive week in the gym.  Most of my attention has been placed on putting my routines together as we’re planning to compete early next year in February.  The meet is an important one as it’s a re-ranking meet for the US Senior National Team.

This training period can be challenging but fun and interesting all at the same time.  The most challenging part is getting strong enough to get through the entire set (i.e. building endurance).  Putting together routines can be difficult especially in this new open-ended code since we’re trying to pack 10 of our most difficult skills in each routine.  Strength comes from numbers though, so the daily grind should get me stronger and to that next level.  Doing high reps is also helpful because throught it all, it allows you to learn the rhythm of the routine.  For each routine, there are sections where you should breathe and catch your breath.  However, when you’re first starting to put together a new routine, these parts are difficult to figure out.  Instead, most gymnasts stay tense the entire time, which leads to fatigue.  It’s a slow process but seeing the daily progress is definitely fun!

Outside of the gym, I had the opportunity to attend the victory ceremony for the newly-elected governor of California, Jerry Brown.  It was my first time to attend such an event so it was a fun experience.  Check out the pictures below!

Fox Theater in Oakland: Venue for Jerry Brown's Victory Celebration

Sign at the theater

Blurry picture of Jerry Brown after his speech

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