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Wow, it’s been another week since I last made an entry!  I guess I was totally wrong when I thought that:

Summer = More time to do stuff outside of gym

In fact it’s been the complete opposite.  Not only has my training intensified with USAs coming up in less than a month but I’ve packed on a ton of responsibilities outside of the gym, namely my part-time jobs with the computer companies.  People do say that busy is good though right!?

However, I’ve been making sure to take mini-breaks in between and take the time to refuel and do something aside from work and training.  Without them, sooner or later I’ll definitely burn-out.  Most recently I checked out a friend and old teammate perform at a nearby cafe.  It was an awesome performance and I’m looking forward to the day when his band (Today Okay) goes BIG TIME.  If you guys are familiar, his music is like a blend of Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson.  Check out his website and music here.

Aside from that I’ve been visiting home every once in a while.  It’s always nice to go back and hang out with my friends that I grew up with, as well as having  home-cooked meals.

I’m getting through the summer with these mini-breaks to recharge me along the way!

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