More Improvements

Definitely seeing more improvements in rehab lately.  Ever since I saw the doc last week for my follow-up, I’ve been able to push the flexion of the knee a bit more.  Today I rode a stationary bike for the first time, and boy, did it feel good!  I know I said this before but it’s crazy how small things like riding a bike can make you so excited when you’re coming off of an injury.

I’ve also been a lot more exercises to get myself ready to start walking again.  Aside from riding the bike, I did some one-leg stands.  It felt a little strange at first since it’s been a while since I’ve put any weight on just that leg, however, it’s important that I start re-training the muscle again.  Either way, all of these exercises are fun because they’re fresh.  Seriously, anything to get away from just ankle pumps and straight leg raises is a good thing.

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