Off to States

Off to States

18 Mar shonakamori 2 Comments »

I’m traveling down to Lemoore, CA tomorrow to judge the NorCal Boy’s State Championships.  The same gym that hosted the meet down in Visalia about a month ago (here’s the link to that post) is organizing the event.

As you can see from the picture below, it’ll be another far trek (3.5 hours to be exact) but I’m excited to be able to judge some good gymnastics.  I’ll be judging floor this time around.

Route to Lemoore

I’ve also asked one of the ladies that is organizing the competition to put up a donation box to help out the victims from the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  From watching the news, it looks like Japan is still suffering from the aftershocks and radiation. I’m hoping that whatever collected will help those in need!

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2 Comments on “ Off to States ”

  1. Josh March 21, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Hey Sho, good job this past weekend with judging. Hope the donations for Japan came out well and the last minute donations for you did also! I know ever bit helps no matter how big or small. It was awesome to see the crowd of people keep filing up to donate! That was great of CCGI to do that for you. It was also great to briefly talk with you and hear that everyone is still safe over in Japan that you know, both friends and family. Pray it continues to stay that way! You judging the Region 1 championships in Oak. also? Hats off man to all that judging.

  2. shonakamori March 21, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    thanks josh! yes, it was great weekend of judging and i’m really thankful to ccgi for helping me with pulling in donations. i’ve gotta say that they did an awesome job with hosting that meet.

    not sure if i’ll be judging regionals yet. they haven’t finalized the judging assignment. i would definitely like to be there though. i feel like it’s the least i can do for the gym community that’s given me so much. big thanks to the parents, coaches, and gymnasts of norcal that have/continue to support me!

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