Packing for Camp

Yup, as I’ve said before, national training camp is this week.  I leave tomorrow and will be at the OTC until Sunday.  It should be exciting to be able to see the guys on the team and to be able to work with different coaches, but at the same time, I’m loathing going because the timing of it is absolutely terrible…we have final exams coming up at school.  However, my professors are understanding so I should be fine as long as I stay on top of my school work.

Anyway, I’m packing a bunch of stuff to take with me to the camp.  As always, we get a bunch of USA gear for being on team.  However, they totally got some of my sizes wrong and some of the apparel are either way too big or too small.  I can probably use my sweatpants as a sleeping bag…Hooray (being sarcastic of course).  Oh well, I guess I’ll need to call USA Gymnastics and have them send me new ones or at least have them hem the bottom.  We’ll see…

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