PT Update

Things have been looking good in PT (physical therapy) lately.  Ever since I got my leg out of the big brace, I’ve been able to do more exercises that requires more movement.  My physical therapist, Melissa and I have been working hard to get my leg back in shape for gymnastics-related training, but at the same time, we’ve been making sure that we’re not overworking it so that we don’t aggravate it.

Some stuff that I’ve been doing in PT include stool scoots, which is an exercise where I’m sitting on a stool w/wheels on them and doing laps around the room by only using my legs.  It sound easy but it’s rather tiring on the hamstrings, especially because we add weight to the stool.  Speaking of hamstrings, I’ve also been doing a lot of hamstring curls with weights.  Some other things I’ve been doing include: standing on one leg on unstable surfaces and doing squat-type exercises, as well as single leg toe touches.  Believe it or not, they’re actually kind of tough.  It’s crazy to see how quickly your body forgets how to do these simple movements when you don’t use it for a while.  However, these exercises are going to help me regain my balance and coordination.

Anyway, we’ve been incorporating a bunch of new exercises every time I go in for PT.  It’s hard work but it’s fun, and it sure as heck beats doing quad sets and leg lifts all the time!

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