Raising Funds!

Raising Funds!

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I had another exciting weekend.  This time I went down to a town called Lemoore (about 3.5 hours from where I live) to judge the boy’s state championships.  I was super impressed with the level of gymnastics at the competition and I’m looking forward to seeing the boys doing well at the Regional Championships in a couple of weeks! Hopefully I’ll get to judge that as well.

Wanted to send a quick thanks to the parents and staff of CCGI for putting on such a great event. The venue, the hospitality, and the hotel they put the judges up were all great!  They even helped me with fundraising for my training needs, and also for the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.  We ended up raising a total of $335.60! My plans is to send this money out to the Red Cross to help with the relief effort in Japan.  Thanks to all that donated!  I have another opportunity to raise funds this weekend when I go to my friend’s gym in Santa Cruz for a little exhibition.  Definitely hoping to add a little more to that total!

Home-made donation box. Thanks to Mike for helping me with this!

On the training side, things have been going well.  My body is feeling good so I’m hoping to keep this up.  I definitely need to since I’m planning on doing some upgrades for my routines for the summer!

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