I’ve been having a blast the last couple of days! I’m currently down in Southern California visiting friends, and taking a small break from the daily grind (yup, my coach gave me a few days off!).  It’s definitely been nice to just catch up with some of my good friends.

Don’t worry though, I’ve been continuing my workouts and doing my rehab workout for my leg.  Yesterday I went to UCLA for training.  Even though they no longer have a men’s program, the gym had more than enough equipment for me to get my upper-body conditioning done.  Later today, I’m going to train at a gym that’s located north of L.A., and also to visit my friends, Arson and Paul, that coach there.

It’s been a fun couple of days but I’m actually really looking forward to this weekend. This weekend is my old teammate’s annual “Fish Fry” party.  Over the last couple of years, it started to become a tradition for our team to head down to his place in Southern California and join his huge family for this weekend-long party.  The reason it’s called the “Fish Fry” is because of the amount of tuna they serve (every year, his father goes out to catch a bunch of tuna just for this party).  All of us on the team are looking forward to this weekend as there should be a lot of good food and good times!

I’ve been training as usual but my mind is definitely getting a break.  I should be recharged and ready to go once I get back!

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