Region 1 Congress/Future Stars Weekend

Region 1 Congress/Future Stars Weekend

30 Aug shonakamori No Comments »

It was only my first full weekend back after returning from the National Championships but it turned out to be busy one, and one filled with a ton of gymnastics!

Not only did I swing by the Region 1 Congress to do a couple of presentations but I was also called upon to evaluate the boys at the Northern California Future Stars Testing.

I was totally lucky to have my old teammate, Abhi, with me for the congress presentations this time around. He definitely picked up a lot of the slack and put together some good slides while I was away for Nationals.  Last year, I had a tough time when I signed up to do 7 lectures all by myself.  Not only was it tough to prepare all of the slides, but by the end of the day, my voice was pretty much gone from speaking so much.  Signing up for less presentations, and being able to do them with another person definitely made things a lot easier!  As always, it was great seeing some familiar faces and also to meet some new coaches and gym enthusiasts!

As for the future stars testing, I definitely saw some good gymnastics.  Big props to the boys who are involved in the future stars program.  It’s tough because they have to learn specific routines for the future stars season on top of the other routines that they have to perform for the regular season.  Most of these boys will go off to the Regional testing next so definitely lots of luck to them!

Successful Congress/Future Stars weekend!

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