Reporting From San Diego

15 Apr shonakamori 1 Comment »

Just landed and checked in after a short 1-hour flight from NorCal.  As I said in my earlier blog post, it’s crazy to think that the last time I was here was for the same meet, but 15 years ago!  I’ll be up bright and early to judge the first session.  This time around they have me assigned on floor throughout most of the weekend.  I’m actually excited about this because I get to judge with a former Stanford gymnast, Craig Nesbitt.  I’ve known him ever since I was little that I basically consider him to be my brother.  It’s also kind of cool because he was the one that initially got me into judging!

Speaking of Stanford, the Stanford team will be competing tomorrow in the first session of NCAAs.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with NCAAs, there are two sessions, each with six teams (total of 12 teams).  The top three teams from each session will advance to Friday night’s team final to battle it out for the national title.  Everyone send good thoughts to your favorite team at West Point (preferably to Stanford)!

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  1. Jake D. April 15, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    may the best team win!

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