Routine Day: Done

Today was our routine day at camp.  We basically split into two teams and started on separate events.  Our group started on pommel horse, while the other group started on floor and we switched off.  Overall, routines went fairly well.  There were some mistakes here and there but for where I am in my training cycle, it went just as I expected.  The other guys on the national team seemed to have some struggle but again, they are in a similar stage in their training so everyone is definitely not at 100% right now.  It was great to see the fight in each of the guys though.

As for tomorrow, we are going back to any problems we had today.  An exciting thing is that part of our afternoon workout tomorrow is we’ll be doing yoga.  For any sport, recovery is just as important as training, and apparently yoga is a good way to recover and to relax the muscles.  I’m looking forward to it as this will be my first time!

While I’m looking forward to going back and training again at my own gym, it’s been great to see how the rest of the national team members are doing.  It’s been motivating to see their progress.  Oh, and I’ve also gotta mention that it’s been fun seeing my old friends at the Olympic Training Center.  The great thing about the training center is that there are always a bunch of high level athletes that come through so it’s interesting to able to talk to them and learn about their experiences.  In fact, I saw Michael Phelps (yes, the swimming legend!) down in the cafeteria yesterday!

Anyway, one more day of camp to go and it’s back to California!

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