Sickness Go Away!

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It’s been a rather rough few days for me as I caught a cold over the weekend.  It must be that time of the year because pretty much everyone around me is getting sick as well. I guess we can thank the sudden drop in weather.  After all, it still felt like the middle of summer only a couple of weeks ago.

One of the bad habits I have is I just can’t sit still even when I’m sick. I get too antsy about working out.  But as we all know, not resting when you need it most can backfire and set you back even more.  Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better after spending the last couple of days hibernating and recouping so I should be ready to get back in the gym again.

This is perfect timing as I’m pumped and motivated to workout after watching the world championships last week.  Watching my friends compete and do well added to the fuel and revamped my desire to get back on the world stage again.  Gotta remind myself to take it one step at a time though.  Like I just said, rushing can backfire.

Speaking of exciting things, I’ve also been glued to the TV watching the Giants play in the world series.  Being a Bay Area kid, I’ve always been a Giants fan so the last couple of weeks have been really exciting.  While it’s not gymnastics, seeing any athlete/team compete at the highest stage is awesome.  Hope the Giants take it all the way! :)

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