Sleep and Recovery Weekend

04 Apr shonakamori No Comments »

It was the first weekend since I got back from Japan that I had a whole weekend off to myself.  All the other weekends, I’ve been judging at various meets in the area.

As much as I like to be in the gym, I realized how much my mind and body needed a rest from gymnastics.  As some people say, recovery is just as important as training!

The hardest part about my recent schedule has been the fact that I haven’t been able to sleep in.  During the week, I’m up early to go to work or to rehab, and n the weekends, judging.  It’s no wonder why I had so much sleep debt and I took a total of three naps in one day!

Just goes to show how much I needed this weekend to catch up on sleep and recovery.  Now that I’m rested up, I should be good to go for the week.  After all, there’s one thing I’m excited about for next week.  I’m supposed to have my last check-up with the doctor for the knee!  My knee has been feeling a lot stronger lately so hopefully he’ll give me the final word to completely clear me!

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