Some R&R

Some R&R

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In my latest post, I wrote that my life has been slightly busy these days especially with the combination of work and training.  But when things get hectic in my life, I make it a priority to do something completely unrelated to gymnastics and work to get my mind off of things.   Experiences have taught me that when I get too focused on a certain thing, my performance drops.  Doing something unrelated and letting off steam helps me recharge my batteries.

Last week, I went to another baseball game played between the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners.  I was totally stoked to see my two favorite baseball players (Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui) play against each other.  Watching a high performance match definitely got me motivated to get back in the gym and train hard again!

Ichiro at bat! He had some good hits that day!

Matsui at bat. He also played well but I'm still waiting on his 500th home run!

Over the weekend, I went off to napa after my training to celebrate my old teammate’s birthday.  It was held at a vineyard and we had an awesome time.  Good food, good music and overall good time. The drive up and getting away from the hustle and bustle definitely helped me relax a bit!

My buddy Ambert's bday was held at the Trefethen Winery!

And most recently (on Sunday), I spent the early afternoon watching the women’s world cup final against Japan and the US with my mom.  Honestly, being a Japanese-American I was in a weird position as I didn’t know which team to root for.  There were also a couple of Stanford alums on the US team as well, which made choosing sides that much more difficult.  However, it was awesome seeing Japan win and seeing the reactions of the people in Japan.  It was a great moral booster for the country that has had to deal with so much after the tsunami/earthquake hit the northern region in March.  Definitely congrats to both teams though for playing an awesome match!

Happiness! Congrats to the Japanese team!

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