Sports-Filled Weekend!

Sports-Filled Weekend!

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Things have been pretty crazy for me lately so it honestly feels like forever since I’ve had a full weekend to myself.  Generally when I have a ton of time on my hands, I become lazy and just sit around at home.  Usually this is a good thing because I’m able to let my body recover but this past weekend, I was out and about, and attended a couple of big sporting events.

On Saturday, after my morning training, I went off to Candlestick Park (the home of the 49ers), to watch the Niners UC Berkeley play Fresno State.  Yes, I know this is strange for several reasons but I had a friend that gave me free tickets to the game, and it turned out to be a really fun time, especially since it was my first time visiting the “Stick.”  And for those of you that are wondering why Cal played at Candlestick, well, it’s because they are doing a complete renovation of their home stadium.

Candlestick from outside.

The field - Cal vs Fresno!

On Sunday, I went to an A’s game against the Mariners.  As I’ve said before, these games are always like a two-for-one deal for me.  I get to watch my hometown team and my favorite player, Ichiro Suzuki, all at the same time!  This game was particularly special because it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the Coliseum.  Before the game started, a ton of breast cancer survivors came out and took a lap around the field.  The players also wore pink wristbands to honor those who have fallen or is currently fighting against the disease.  It was definitely very inspiring to see.

Breast Cancer Survivors on the Field

As for the game, the A’s ended up with the win!  However, that wasn’t the best part.  The best part was catching a foul ball, hit by none other than my favorite player, Ichiro!  I’m definitely going to have to get a case to for this.  Definitely turned out to be a super exciting day!

Matsui played a ridiculous great game. 4 for 5 with 3 doubles!

The Man at Bat!

Foul Ball hit by Ichiro. I've gotta run out and get a case for this!

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