Summer Time!

Summer Time!

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It’s warm outside, the days are longer, and everyone’s released from school.  What does this mean?  It’s officially summer time! Not that this really matters to me all that much because I’ve been out of school for a while but the summer time always makes me a bit more happy.  But then again, I personally feel that summer is the worst time for indoor sports.  Not only because I want to be outside more than I want to be inside, but the gyms get ridiculously hot during this time of the year.

Generally, gyms in northern California don’t have A/C units because the hot season doesn’t last for all that long.  But when it does get hot, it gets pretty darn hot.  And the worst part about all of this is that gymnasts train on equipments that are rather high, and we also know that heat naturally rise to the top.  Put two and two together and you realize that it gets pretty steamy while we train.  Anyway, enough with the bad stuff.

Pic on rings

Onto something good…last week I had an opportunity to talk to a columnist, Patty Fisher, at the San Jose Mercury.  She ended up writing a piece on me, my life, and goal in gymnastics.  Here is a direct link to it: San Jose Mercury Article

Just wanted to say a quick thanks Patty for the article and to all the people for the support.  I’m an incredibly lucky guy to have so many people around to help me along in this journey.  Next step is USA Championships.  It’ll be my first competition back in over a year so naturally I’m getting a bit anxious.  Doesn’t do me any good to worry though.  I have to focus on the present and make sure I deal with whatever I can control in the “now.”  One step at a time!

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