Supersize Me?

Supersize Me?

Met with a doc yesterday to get my knee checked out.  Apparently, surgical techniques for ACLs are much more advanced in the US because he was really surprised with my progress at 3-months post-op.  From what I heard, it generally takes about a year for an athlete who had their surgery in Japan to come back from an ACL tear but athletes in the US generally take only 6 months.  When I heard this I felt very lucky that I had my surgery in the US!  Anyway, we talked about some rehab options and decided that I will visit the clinic once a week to do my exercises there while I continue to do what I’ve been doing in the gym on the other days.

After, my appointment I went straight back to the university for my training.  Actually, I had to stop by a Burger King on the way back because I was really hungery (I know it’s bad but it was the only quick food I could find on my way back).  People who have not visited may be surprised to find that there is a drink that is smaller than a standard ‘small’ in the US.  A person who have never visited Japan probably has never seen a drink so small (on the left), but this is in fact a standard ‘small’ in Japan.  On the right is actually a medium!  Yes, portions in Japan are starting to increase but some things continue to be less than that of the US.


L - 'small' size, R - 'medium' size

Anyway, tomorrow is our day off from gym.  I’ll be visiting the big city, Tokyo, with some friends from school.  It should be fun as Tokyo is home to a bunch of interesting things!

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