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Swamped! – That’s all I can say about how I’ve been feeling lately.  With such a short month with the holidays, I’ve been working a little more than usual (in the office) to hit my quota.  Honestly, aside from the cold weather, it really hasn’t sunk in that it’s December and that Christmas is coming up.  Yup, that’s how hectic things have been!  But let me say that despite how busy I’ve been, I’m also very grateful to be in this situation and to actually have a job, especially in this economy.

On the flip side, gym and training has been going really well.  I’ve come to realize that the more things I have going on outside of gym, the better my training becomes…to a certain extent of course.  Obviously if I’m too stressed, it butts into my training, but generally training helps me get rid of my stress from my daily life.  I suppose it’s the same feeling runners feel when they go out running.  Whatever it is, I hope that I can keep this up as I prepare for my next competition in February and that January becomes a little less busy with my outside work.

Either way, it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s definitely not nearly as bad as things were during my college days.  When I think back, I don’t know how I wrote all those papers, read all those books, and trained all at the same time.  If college didn’t make me smarter, it definitely taught me how to get my work done.

To all the people that are busy running around this month, whether it’s for shopping or work, please stay safe and I hope you all have a great holiday season.

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