Thanks for the Contribution!

Thanks for the Contribution!

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Wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone that contributed and donated to the Japan Relief Fund!  After doing some fundraisers at this year’s Norcal State Championships, Region 1 Championships, and various clinics, I was able to collect a total of $550.76!

The other day, I found this in the mail.

Thank you letter from the Consul General of Japan

It was a thank you card from the Consulate General of Japan, and said that the money will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross.  I know that it’ll take time, but I hope that they’ll be able to rebuild quickly and for the people that were affected to be able to return to their normal lives again.  The Japanese are a resilient group of people.  And, with the help of people around the world, I’m sure that they’ll be back stronger than ever before.  Go Japan!

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