There Sure Are A Lot of Toyotas Here…

After a 5 hour car ride from Chiba (would’ve been much quicker if traffic wasn’t so congested through Tokyo), I got into Aichi prefecture late last night.  Big thanks to my coach, Mutusmi for driving because I don’t have a driver’s license in Japan.

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.  Well, first of all Aichi is home to the world’s number one car manufacturer, Toyota.  I love Toyota cars (Lexus also) so I’m hoping to visit their show room.  Second of all, and probably the more important reason I’m here, is that it’s also hosting the annual Toyota International Championships this weekend.  I came down here to help the meet as an interpreter (if they need me), and to root on my teammates from the US team, as well as my friends on the Japanese team.  My old teammates from Stanford, Tim and Alex, who just made the US senior team this year are here along with my buddy, Alex Artemev.  Another good friend that I’ve been training with since I got to Japan, Koki Sakamoto will be representing Japan.

It’ll be a fun and exciting weekend.  Four champions from the London Worlds are here, including the three Chinese guys (pommels, rings, and parallel bars champions), as well as Kohei, who won the all-around.  This will be another opportunity for me to watch and learn from the best during my recovery phase!

Stay tuned for highlights and impressions from the meet!

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2 Comments on “ There Sure Are A Lot of Toyotas Here… ”

  1. Mariko December 13, 2009 at 2:52 am

    I believe you are having great time with your friends from US.

    I read results on 1st day on Internet. Japan got some medals. Audiences cheered Sakamoto-kun up seeing his not giving up pommel horse. Such athletes’ earnest attitude is very respectful. Didn’t he get his condition worse after that?
    I really wanted to watch world top performances this year again!

    Hope you had a time to visit Toyota showroom. Safe way back to Chiba.
    Await for your update 😉

  2. shonakamori December 14, 2009 at 8:34 am

    unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to visit the showroom. i was so busy the entire weekend!

    yes, koki had a rough pommel horse routine. but like you said, i was happy that he didn’t give up until the end! he is a good gymnast and i like his style.

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