Where'd My Shoes Go?

Where'd My Shoes Go?

I’m finally home after a 5.5 hour car ride back from Toyota City.  It was a long trip but definitely worth it!

Overall, I thought that the level of competition was really high.  It was especially exciting to see the three world champions from China compete on their specialties, and the Japanese guys do their thing.  In the end, the Chinese and the Japanese gymnasts split the golds (pommel horse, rings, parallel bars – China; floor, vault, high bar – Japan).  These two teams are deep and they are definitely the teams I look up to in terms of the level of difficulty and the artistic aspect of gymnastics.  There were some notable mistakes on each event, but I figured that some of the gymnasts took some time off after the World Championships and are not yet back in 100% shape.  Regardless, it was a good opportunity for me to be able to watch a high-level competition and I left the arena feeling really motivated!

The venue for the Toyota Cup

"Toyota International Gymnastics Competition"

Me and my teammates from the US

Me and the US girls, Kytra and Mackenzie

Outside of the competition arena, I had a great time seeing my friends.  I had the chance to spend some time with my teammates from the US, as well as my friends on the Japanese team.  On the last day, all of us had the chance to get together at the farewell banquet.  The great thing about gymnastics, or sports in general is that while we are competitive on the competition floor, once the competition finishes, we are all good friends!

Me and some of the guys on the Japanese team

I guess the only bad thing about the trip was that I got my shoe taken (or stolen, however you want to look at it) at a restaraunt on the second to last day I was there.  That night, I went to a traditional Japanese restaurant with some of the Japanese coaches where you have to take off your shoes before entering the room (zashiki style room – 座敷).  When we were leaving the restaurant after finishing eating, I looked into the shoe box, only to realize that my shoes were gone.  The only conclusion we could come up with was that someone from the other table that left before us, took my shoe by accident as they all seemed incredibly drunk.  Anyway accidents happen but I DO need new shoes!

Tomorrow, I’m leaving to go to Yokohama to train and visit my friends at Japan Sports Science University (Nittaidai).  This is the university where Kohei Uchimura trains, so I’ll get to see him again even though I just saw him over the weekend at the Toyota Cup.  I’m excited to go and see how everyone is doing and to be able to train with my old coach, Yoshi Hatakeda.

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4 Comments on “ Where'd My Shoes Go? ”

  1. kimi December 14, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    You are in the right environment at the right time of year! You are seeing great competitions and training with the best in the world! If you aren’t motivated now, there is a problem!! I’m excited for you and you look so happy in those pictures. Enjoy the time and wow…it won’t be long now before you will be tumbling and back into great form!

    btw…here in Hawaii, we say, please remove your shoes, but don’t take mo betta ones when you leave!

  2. shonakamori December 14, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    there should be a sign up on every restaurant that says that!

    you’re right about being in the right place at the right time. i’m learning so much just through watching.

  3. Mariko December 17, 2009 at 3:13 am

    Japanese team seems all very nice and neat in the photo!
    One of reasons that I like gymanstics is the air of competitions. It’s nicely tensed but not too much, and gymnasts praise each other and relax after their performance. I feel that they are fighting not against others but against themselves.

    I am sorry about your shoes stolen… It has never happened to me in my whole life, though. I hope you got any shoes after that not to walk outside with bare feet!

  4. shonakamori December 17, 2009 at 3:47 am

    the japanese guys are all very nice. we are all good friends! after the competition we always get together to talk and catch up on life.

    thanks for your concern about my shoes. i did have an extra pair so i’m not walking barefoot. i do miss my shoes though! i bought them right before coming to japan!

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