Youth Olympics!

Today, my teammates and I participated in the annual Youth Olympics that’s hosted by Stanford.  The event allows varsity team members to get together and give back to the community by reaching out to underprivileged kids in the areas around our school.  We do this by allowing the kids to go around campus to try out all the different sports that we have to offer.  Of course, my teammates and I were in charge of gymnastics.

Even though most of the kids had never tried gymnastics before, I was rather amazed by how much natural talent some of them had.  One kid was able to rebound really high out of his round-off even though it was his first time trying!  There were some scary moments too though as some of them are absolutely fearless and are willing to try just about anything.  While the objective of the Youth Olympics is to inspire hope and motivation to these kids, I thought it awesome to see how much fun they were having because it  reminded me of my younger days and the real reason why I do gymnastics, which is to have fun.  Thanks kids!

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