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Another Hard Day: Down

01 Jul Sho 1 Comment »

So I got through another hard day in the gym and it definitely feels great to be done.  Tomorrow is a very very very light day with stretching in the gym and getting treatment in the training room.  Recently my shoulder has started bothering me again so I’m looking to get that worked on.  This is definitely a tough time in the gym.  All the numbers we’re knocking out and body aches go hand-in-hand.  However it’s the guy that works the smartest that gets to the top.  I guess it’s important to understand your body well enough to know when to back off or know when you can push a little further.

Anyway, hopefully the light day tomorrow as well as the work I’ll get done in the gym will help me recover a bit before another hard day on Friday.  After that I’m actually supposed to get the entire weekend off because of 4th of July.  Now that’s exciting stuff!  Better need to start planning on what to do.

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