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Back in the Cycle

23 Sep shonakamori No Comments »

It’s been a little too long since I’ve last written but please forgive me as things have been pretty crazy on my end.  I’ve gotten back into my regular routine cycles and my work outside of the gym has also picked up!

Luckily, things have been going very well so I won’t even complain.  On the gym end, there’s just about a month until Pan Ams and I’ve started back up with training routines again.  The next couple of weeks will definitely be tough as I try and grind through some numbers to get strong.

I’ve done my homework and have learned that the altitude in Guadalajara, Mexico is much higher than it is where I normally train.  In other words, this means that I need to be doing extra endurance work to make sure that I’m in shape to compete in high altitude!  Things have been progressing well though.  I’m currently at the point where I’m deciding whether I should add new skills for the competition or to stick with what I’m used to and execute them cleanly.

USOC Pan Am Logo!

I also learned that the women’s side also finalized their squad for the Pan Am Games and the World Championships.  Can’t believe that on their Pan Am squad are three former World All-Around Champions!  Good luck to the World and Pan Am Team (both guys and girls) as they prepare to represent the US at these major meets!

Home Again

08 Sep shonakamori 4 Comments »

…well not really, but I suppose I can partially call it that given I lived here for two years during my high school days.

Currently I’m at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a national training camp.  It’s a short camp (just 3 days) but I’m definitely very grateful to be back here with the rest of the national team members.  As always it’s an awesome environment to be in for training.  It’s incredibly motivating when every direction you look, you see amazing gymnastics.

As of now, I’ve gotten through one whole day of workout.  Two more to go!  Below are some random pictures that I’ve taken since I got in.

The OTC Complex (Rocky Mountains in the background). Wow, I just realized that the clouds look really fake...

The building where our training gym is located.

A miniature version of the "The Gymnast" sculpture in the gym building.

Stairway to the Athlete Center.

Athlete Center. This is where the cafeteria and the resident dorms are located.

The Rockies (taken from the Athlete Center). This is definitely altitude training!

Visitor dorms. This is where we usually stay during our training camps.

TURN Gymnastics Apparel

07 Sep shonakamori 5 Comments »

TURN Gymnastics Apparel has recently become one of my biggest supporters!  They’re a fairly new company but they’ve been producing a bunch of cool looking apparel (see pic below) and are continuing to add to their collection.  They are definitely not your everyday gym supply retailer.  Instead they are totally pushing their products with a more sporty and modern look. Not only that, they are also the exclusive retailer for the Reichel Sport Grips!

Recently a ton of elite athletes have started to use the Reichel-brand grips and I’ve also jumped on board.  I’m totally excited about breaking-in the grips and can’t wait to start training on them!  Check out their website and their facebook fanpage as well!

Official logo for TURN Apparel!

The "100+ Circles Club" T-Shirt

Close-up of the T-shirt

The new Reichel Grips that I'm going to start using! Totally stoked for this!

Big thanks to the team at TURN Apparel!

Sports-Filled Weekend!

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Things have been pretty crazy for me lately so it honestly feels like forever since I’ve had a full weekend to myself.  Generally when I have a ton of time on my hands, I become lazy and just sit around at home.  Usually this is a good thing because I’m able to let my body recover but this past weekend, I was out and about, and attended a couple of big sporting events.

On Saturday, after my morning training, I went off to Candlestick Park (the home of the 49ers), to watch the Niners UC Berkeley play Fresno State.  Yes, I know this is strange for several reasons but I had a friend that gave me free tickets to the game, and it turned out to be a really fun time, especially since it was my first time visiting the “Stick.”  And for those of you that are wondering why Cal played at Candlestick, well, it’s because they are doing a complete renovation of their home stadium.

Candlestick from outside.

The field - Cal vs Fresno!

On Sunday, I went to an A’s game against the Mariners.  As I’ve said before, these games are always like a two-for-one deal for me.  I get to watch my hometown team and my favorite player, Ichiro Suzuki, all at the same time!  This game was particularly special because it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at the Coliseum.  Before the game started, a ton of breast cancer survivors came out and took a lap around the field.  The players also wore pink wristbands to honor those who have fallen or is currently fighting against the disease.  It was definitely very inspiring to see.

Breast Cancer Survivors on the Field

As for the game, the A’s ended up with the win!  However, that wasn’t the best part.  The best part was catching a foul ball, hit by none other than my favorite player, Ichiro!  I’m definitely going to have to get a case to for this.  Definitely turned out to be a super exciting day!

Matsui played a ridiculous great game. 4 for 5 with 3 doubles!

The Man at Bat!

Foul Ball hit by Ichiro. I've gotta run out and get a case for this!

Congrats to my “Other Teammates”!!!

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Just learned that the Juntendo University Gymnastics team won their collegiate championships in Japan.  I was very thrilled to hear about it because they have been training really hard for that championship.

Definitely proud given that I trained with them for a couple of months during my study abroad program.

Congrats to the Juntendo Gym Team!

Team Pic with the Team (almost 2 years ago)!