Back in the Cycle

Back in the Cycle

23 Sep shonakamori No Comments »

It’s been a little too long since I’ve last written but please forgive me as things have been pretty crazy on my end.  I’ve gotten back into my regular routine cycles and my work outside of the gym has also picked up!

Luckily, things have been going very well so I won’t even complain.  On the gym end, there’s just about a month until Pan Ams and I’ve started back up with training routines again.  The next couple of weeks will definitely be tough as I try and grind through some numbers to get strong.

I’ve done my homework and have learned that the altitude in Guadalajara, Mexico is much higher than it is where I normally train.  In other words, this means that I need to be doing extra endurance work to make sure that I’m in shape to compete in high altitude!  Things have been progressing well though.  I’m currently at the point where I’m deciding whether I should add new skills for the competition or to stick with what I’m used to and execute them cleanly.

USOC Pan Am Logo!

I also learned that the women’s side also finalized their squad for the Pan Am Games and the World Championships.  Can’t believe that on their Pan Am squad are three former World All-Around Champions!  Good luck to the World and Pan Am Team (both guys and girls) as they prepare to represent the US at these major meets!

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