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After several weeks of up and down weather, I think fall has finally arrived in California.  I’m a pretty big fan of fall weather when it comes to training because it doesn’t wear me out as quickly when it’s cooler in the gym.  Then again, there’s also a downside.  When it’s cooler, I can definitely feel it in the joints and it definitely takes a while for me to warm-up.

Anyway, the last several weeks of training have been tough.  My coach and I have revamped my conditioning workout to increase strength but luckily he dropped the intensity the last half of the week gave me the chance to recover.  Judging from how my body felt, I think I really needed it.  I even went to go get a massage to get some kinks out.  The person I generally go see is an old Chinese man in San Francisco that works out of his garage.  He’s a rather small guy but his massages are intense.  It’s definitely not one of those easy-going, soft-tissue massages.  I’ll admit they’re rather painful but I can definitely feel a huge difference afterwards.  In this day in age with this sport, half the battle is keeping your body healthy enough to compete.

Now that I’ve had this opportunity to rest and recover, it’s time to hit the gym hard again.  Just gotta make sure I don’t catch a cold because it seems like that’s been going around!

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